TRIALOG V: Strengthening CSOs in EU12/AC for active engagement in Global

The project has started in October 2012

Duration: 36 months

The overall objective of the project at hand is ‘a deeper awareness and stronger involvement of CSOs from EU12 and AC in global learning and in efforts towards global poverty eradication’. The specific objective is ‘strengthened and empowered national platforms and their members for effective engagement in global development education and raising public awareness’.

To achieve these objectives, the proposed project phase builds on the previous achievements of the TRIALOG project (2000-2012). Over the past 12 years, TRIALOG has contributed to a number of accomplishments in the field of development education and awareness raising.

Target group:  Members of the national platforms in all EU12/AC; their cooperation partners; national ODA structures; CSOs and their coordination bodies in Pre-Accession Countries, European Institutions and CONCORD;


-          National platforms of development CSOs in EU12/AC and their members are strengthened and empowered in raising awareness on main issues in international development cooperation for poverty eradication and actively participate on a global level.

-          National platforms of development CSOs in EU12/AC work in close cooperation among themselves and with EU15 partners and articulate the “East” dimension in a deepened global “East – West – South” trialogue.

Main activities:

1)      Global Networking (“Trialogue”) for Global Learning: Annual Partnership Fair; Networking East-West-South; partner search support; information/AR; liaison

2)      Platform strengthening and empowering for being DEAR multiplicator: needs-based capacity building; study visits; development of platforms; platform key-actors support, peer-learning;

3)      EU12/AC platform exchange: annual strategy meeting , regional exchanges; newsletter, website, database, social media, systematisation of information knowledge transfer

Outputs of the activities:

-          annual capacity building work plan by each EU12/AC platform

-          2 capacity building activities per year in each EU12/AC country

-          10 key actors trained per capacity building activity

-          annual 2 ½ day training of multipliers for 13 platform liaison officers from                      EU12/AC platforms

-          15 CSO representatives from EU12/AC are given the opportunity to join an                   annual exchange with partners from the Global South

-          3 policy digest papers per year

-          regular information distribution - special focus on MDGs, Beyond 2015, policy            coherence for development (PCD), development effectiveness, EC calls.

-          10 issues/year of electronic newsletter (TIS) with contributions of all partners

-          partner search support for dev.projects:  10/year

-          Updated country reports of EU12/AC platforms on the TRIALOG website

-          annual study visit to relevant EU institutions and European networks in                      Brussels


 Policy Digests:





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