The project

The project

In general people do not know too much about the Hungarian international development cooperation. The surveys show that the people do not think that Hungary should support other countries, because Hungary still needs help also to combat their own problems. The youth is especially under-informed when it comes to global problems, and they also do not know how they can participate in solving these issues. This under-informed tendency is also visible among decision-makers too, and this is why  HAND’s primary goal in 2015 is knowledge sharing.

Our program dispose with unified appearance during the whole year, and lots of communication experts are involved too. This campaign follows  thematic issues determined by the EU with varied event series.

Our purpose was to find a permanent and central place for our programs to guarantee the highest visibility of our projects. Because of this numerous event will be organised in the Europe Point at Lövőház street, but we also organise programs at schools, universities and summer festivals.

On the average we organise 2-3 events per months and there will be workshops, exhibition openings, film screening, and also bigger conferences and thematic trainings.

Target audience:

a, youth (primarily)

b, decision-makers, experts

Concrete goals:

  • knowledge sharing, motivating critical thinking
  • motivating participation actively
  • showing the development results of EU and Hungary
  • informing the decision-makers, sensitize them with civil approaches, with the aim of creating an enabling environment for Hungarian civil society

The main issues of the project (according to the 12 thematic months):

  • January: Europe in the world- the European Year for Development- media appearance for campaign opening
  • February: Education, Bridge Project: Humanitarian Schools and Students for Africa: exhibition, all-day long conference
  • March: Women and girls, The modern slavery forms related to women and girls: new publication presenting, thematic expert round-tables
  • April: Health:  Emerging sanitary problems in developing countries: performance, photo exhibition
  • Mai: Peace and Security: Conflicts in the world- possibilities of international cooperation and emergence of human rights in crisis and after: talking-series, workshop and international conference
  • June: Sustainable development, fair workplaces and enterprises: irregular speeches at schools, methodology training for teachers
  • July: Children and youth: talking-series, film screening, international exhibition, showing voluntary possibilities, experience report of humanitarian tourists
  • August: Humanitarian assistance: presenting the Hungarian humanitarian cooperation at youth festivals
  • September: Demography and migration: interactive documentary series in four part
  • October: Food Security: exhibition, talking with students, film screening, prospectus spreading, workshop, training for become activist
  • November: Sustainable Development Goals: experience report in university clubs, conference with governmental, civil, economic and self-governing stakeholders
  • December: Human rights: tolerance developing programs, preparing publications

Beyond the monthly programs there will be other activities:

  • common communication of the project: unified image, media performance
  • policy work: professional studies, preparing info graphics 
  • summarize the best Hungarian global education projects in one booklet

The member organisations of HAND also participate in execution, these are:

  • ADRA Foundation
  • For Africa Foundation
  • African-Hungarian Foundation
  • Anthropolis Association
  • Artemisszió Foundation
  • Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights
  • National Society of Conservationists
  • Mahatma Gandhi Association
  • Protect the Future Association


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