EYD, European Year for Development:

In the European Year for Development HAND’s primary goal is knowledge sharing. The HAND Association carries out a coherent campaign with its member organisations including communication experts and project managers during the year. It follows the thematic months determined by EU with varied program line.

DEEEP, Global Education:

The main goal of DEEEP’s project is to create an intersectoral association with those organisations who see their educational paradigms critically and are able to work together in the field of global education. Other priority is to intensify the responsibility of governmental people in the case of global education. Other educational aim is to increase the responsibility of individuals and influential people in global and national level too and also create better answers for global social challenges.  The project ends in April 2015.

Beyond 2015:

Beyond 2015 is a global civil campaign with the goal  to create a new framework after the Millennium Development Goals. The program started at 2010 and it is based on varied global structure. There are also smaller organisations, international NGOs, commercial associations and representatives of academic sphere participating in the campaign.


The overall objective of the project at hand is ‘a deeper awareness and stronger involvement of CSOs from EU12 and AC in global learning and in efforts towards global poverty eradication’. The specific objective is ‘strengthened and empowered national platforms and their members for effective engagement in global development education and raising public awareness’.

PCD, Policy Coherence for Development:

The aim of the project is to raise awareness among Hungarian NGOs, public officials and the media about the importance of policy coherence for development, thereby increasing public support for this concept and also contribute to meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) especially focusing on the elimination of poverty and famine, maintenance of sustainable environment and the creation of global partnerships for development).

Visegrad Fund:

The project’s main goal is to increase effectiveness of development cooperation among V4 countries in states of Eastern Partnership in order to intensify the synergy of policies what are focused in this area. The project follows the EU’s and the OECD’s principles for policy coherence for development.



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