The official EYD launch by the Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry

On the event the official EYD program of the government was introduce, and also the winners of the EYD annual grants were announced. I t was a huge succes for HAND and its members, with 5 winning applications. In the last section of the event a roundtabe discussion took place were the relationship between the media and development was emphasized. (24. February, 2015)


From aid here and beyond

HAND was organized a professional workshop on the 5th of November 2014 about the data and facts of 2013 of the Hungarian IDC support and of course future plans. The event also included an interesting roundtable discussion about the relationship between the media and the development sector.



Hungarian journalists in Africa

In the frame of a 13 day long African study visit supported by HAND Association, two journalist, Csilla Mihalicz and Máté Halmos have visited African countries. The main aims of the field visit were to get to known tha Hungarian governmet's and civil organizations' work in Africa, and to explore the issues of policy coherence for development through local initiatives. The photos were taken by France Mutombo, the president of the Foundation for Africa.


ICD exhibition

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Hand’s common photo exhibition with the title of „Fight against deep poverty” (4 December, 2013)




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