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World-Wise Europe - A more coherent Europe for a fairer World

Grantee: Centre National de Coopération au Développement (CNCD November 11, 11-asbl), Belgium

Partners: FoRS (CZ), SLOGA (SL), Grupa Zagranica (PL), HAND (HU), FOND (RO), AKU (EST), PMVRO (SK), Eurodad (B), CRID (FR),

Supported by European Commission (EuropeAid) - contract DCI-NSA ED/2012/280-934,

Duration: 1 February 2013 - 31st January 2016

Objectives: To raise awareness among Hungarian NGOs, public officials and the media about the importance of policy coherence for development, thereby increasing public support for this concept and also contribute to meeting the Millennium Development Goals (objectives 1, 7 and 8)

Main activities:

  • Analysis of the relationship of the actors to the concept of policy coherence for development (PCD)
  • Study on the implementation of PCD in the participating countries
  • Preparation of strategy awareness / advocacy, analytical and didactic materials
  • Participation in European training for trainers
  • Organization of national training on PCD and related public education / advocacy
  • Preparation toolkit package and information for journalists
  • Providing information to journalists and the media in general (press releases, conferences, meetings with partners from developing countries)
  • Study tours for journalists in developing countries
  • Working group meeting at i FoRS EU
  • Database policy-makers and key contacts
  • Creation and delivery of public opinions; meeting with representatives of the state administration
  • Participation in key international conferences

Contact: Réka Balogh, policy officer: reka.balogh@hand.org.hu



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