Coherent Europe for Sustainable Development: Action for Policies that Will Make a Difference

The Action strives for contributing to the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” (Agenda 2030) with its 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) implementation and supporting Policy Coherence for
Development (PCD4) as a vital principle to be applied in practical policy-making at all levels.

The Action sets an overall objective as to increase involvement of policy-makers in promoting coherent policies for achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to strengthen the critical understanding of key actors on the global interdependencies and their engagement in concrete policy actions for sustainable development. Specific objective/outcome of the Action is to create such conditions, that by 2020, policy-makers, CSOs and other key actors actively participate in SDGs implementation and take coherent actions, particularly in policies in area of poverty eradication, decent work, sustainable consumption and production, and climate change responses. The Action will take place in nine EU member countries (7 EU13 and 2 EU15) and will be implemented by 10 organisations (9 national platforms of development CSOs and lead by a Czech advocacy CSO). All platforms are participating in the working structures of CONCORD Europe which makes them fairly settled within cooperative working field on international level.

thematic priorities: 

1) Poverty eradication (SDG 1)

2) Decent work (SDG 8)

3) Sustainable consumption and production (SDG 12)

4) Climate change responses (SDG 13)

Contact: Réka Balogh, policy officer:



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