World programme for the mankind’s survival?


From the 24th to 26th of April 2015, the 25th National Meeting of Environmental and Nature Conservation NGOs was held in Tokaj, in which the HAND was also actively involved. We took part at the whole weekend giving permanent information about the Millennium Development Goals and other international development topics for the participants of the meeting and for the people living in Tokaj.

The main programme of HAND began with the Clean Air Action Group (CAAG) in a ground-floor room at 9 o’clock on Saturday, which was a common section, where we organised presentations and conversations with some questions and answers sessions.

After the “big picture”, representing the sustainable development goals of environment and nature, we discussed what exactly mean for us, the protectors of the environment and nature, such a comprehensive and global sustainable plan, and even more, how can we rely on it according to local issues.

The invitee of the section was János Zsilinszky, director of the Sustainable Development Academy at the Regional Environmental Center in Szentendre, who also worked on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations’ Hungarian co-presidential Open Working Group in New York. The title of his presentation: “An attempt to the reality-based politics – the Open Working Group’s operation and achievements”.

Beyond that, Márton Vargha, the expert of the Clean Air Action Group, and Péter Rohonyi, policy offer gave also short presentations.

The stand we made on the section is the following:

The title of the section:

World programme for the mankind’s survival – the Hungarian contribution (subtitle: the Sustainable Development Goals)

The stand of the section:

We recommend, that the Sustainable Development Goals and the concerning framework after 2015 should come to a significant role over the next years, in the subsequent years within the National Meeting of Environmental and Nature Conservation NGOs!

We also recommend, that

  • Hungary should support the UN’s Open Working Group’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the intergovernmental and European Union’s negotiations;
  • As soon as possible, get ready for the concerning system of the regional and national sub-targets and indicator values;
  • The documents should be translated, then make information sheets from them and make sure, that these information will reach the broadest audience


Why is it now so important?

This year’s September is expected to accept the Sustainable Development Goals for the next 15 years in the 70th general meeting of the United Nations by the member states, which will relay the Millennium Development Goals from 2000 to 2015. The United Nations’ Secretary General, Ban-Ki Moon, gave the framework of the programme with his report published in the 4th of December 2014, which contains 6 main topics:

  • Dignity: elimination of poverty and fighting against inequality
  • Human: ensure healthy life and the possibility of knowledge, so as the equality of women and children in particular in education and decision-making
  • Welfare: a strong economy, which is also capable for reformation
  • Earth: the protection of the ecosystem in favour of our children and the future of the mankind
  • Truth: safe and peaceful societies, as well as institutions in order to maintain the peace of the society
  • Partnership: global solidarity, which promote and support sustainable development

The prospective, globally valid aims are going to determine the direction of the development for the next 15 years and not only in the terms of developing countries, but also developed countries, so Hungary has to take its part of the elimination of global problems too. So the stake is very high!

This is why we convey these messages in Tokaj, the reason why we organised our interesting programmes.

On Saturday, we were in the heart of Tokaj, in a main square of the former Jewish quarter, where the Green Festival were organised. We involve not only the registered visitors, but also the inquiring citizens of Tokaj and we get them closer to the global problems. In the afternoon, we served spritzer for those, who were interested in international development. During that time, we provide an insight into the new topics of development goals, like education, gender equality, poverty, energy, urbanisation and so much more in order to cover the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the Open Working Group.

The whole programme of the meeting was also very exciting, lots of people were attended, and some of them met HAND at the first time.

The source of the picture:

Beyond 2015 is a global civil society campaign involving more than 1000 organizations from more than 130 countries, pushing for a strong and legitimate successor framework to the Millennium Development Goals, and to influence the UN consultations related to the new sustainable development goals.

The aim of the campaign are:

  • put people and the planet in the center of negotiations
  • ensure full and meaningfull participation int process and implementation
  • ensure human rights
  • give effective answers to the challenges of climate change
  • establish a transparent future farmework



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