EYD launch in Hungary – The success of the national platform, HAND


On the 24th February, the official EYD year was launched by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Budapest. It was a huge success story of HAND Association and its member organizations. HAND prepared an outstanding own program together with nine of its members covering all of the thematic months laid out by the EU for the EYD, providing event series throughout the year and fortunately HAND’s and its members’ application have won on the tender!

The winners were announced by Tímea Huber Head of the Department of International Development and she also asked the fortunate organizations to tell a few words about the projects they will implement throughout the year.

HAND was represented by Reka Balogh, policy officer of HAND, and she said that the program is very complex and was created in close cooperation with the members. It covers a wide range of topics from education through migration, not to mention the sustainable development goals that will be adopted in September gaining a really big momentum in 2015. The aim is to involve youth in almost all of the program elements, to spread information about international development and humanitarian issues, and strengthen critical thinking among young people with the help of presenting the work and results of the Hungarian NGOs working in international development cooperation. The structure of the activities is entirely based on the official thematic month of the EU emphasizing a concrete issue month to month. Another core point of HAND’s project is to increase the level of responsibility among decision-makers through advocacy activity as the main profile of the operation of HAND.

Before this official opening, HAND launched the civil EYD activities already in January with an event gathering significant attention by several TV channels, main dailies and news portals, so this time it proved to be a good idea to pre-finance and start the project in time.

At the event MFT has also presented its own national program. One of the main element is to nominate so called goodwill ambassador from the field of sports, science and arts, who can join the programs, popularize the development issues and spread the importance of helping others through the year and of course after it too.

Ádám Zoltán Kovács (Deputy State Secretary for international cooperation) also said that the main aim of the year is to make international development issues more visible to strengthen solidarity, global responsibility and awareness raising.

After the winners and the announcement of the goodwill ambassadors, a round-table discussion was organized involving 3 journalists. They were discussing the role of the media in interpreting development issues and challenges, and they also told about their field experiences gathered in Africa. Two of the journalist visited Africa financed by HAND last year. They emphasized that it is very important to show the real human stories behind the data, the facts and the conflicts and to convey that everybody can take action related to global issues, and everybody have to take responsibility in the process to maintain our world a sustainable and liveable place fitted for us and for the next generations too.

Photo by: Zsolt Burger/MFA 




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