Budapest seminar on Global Development Education in the V4 region


On 23rd May, 2019 the last follow-up meeting of the regional V4 seminars about the current state of GDE policy and curricula development was held in Budapest. The event was part of the global education program of the North South Center of the Council of Europe and hosted by HAND Association.

This meeting was based on the strategic recommendations of the 3rd European Congress on Global Education, organised by the North South Center in Zagreb in 2015, and it was the last event of a series of regional follow-up meetings. After follow-up meetings held in 2017 in Prague and in 2018 in Warsaw, the concluding seminar took place in Budapest. In 2019 the meeting focused on the exchange of innovative research initiatives on global education and highlighted good practices. It also dealt with strengthening the cooperation between the government, the CSO sector, the academia and other sectors in the Visegrad region and beyond.

Participants of the conference included representatives of national CSO platforms, the Czech FoRS, Polish Grupa Zagranica, Slovak PMVRO and HAND Association, researchers and officials of national ministries. Ditta Dolejsiova, representative of Global Education Network Europe (GENE), and Stefan Grasgruber-Kerl, co-chair of CONCORD Hub4 held presentations.

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