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HAND and its member organisations have founded a new HAND working group about Financing for Development initiated by DemNet Foundation at 16 April 2015.

Development financing is a really important question actually because in 2015 new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be adopted by UN General Assembly and these goals will change the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

This framework will determine which goals and indicators will be used by developed and developing countries in the next 15 years to fight global poverty and to maintain sustainable social, environmental and economic development. As the Millennium Development Goals have showed, these ambitious goals can’t be met without the financial contribution of the international community

This contribution should not include just assistances and reliefs by donor states, private sources, investments and international financial institutions’ assistance are important too. The already available sources have to be more effective, more transparent and more responsible. In line with the new development framework there will be an international summit related to development financing in Addis Ababa on 13-16 July 2015.

The main goal of this working group is to harmonize the activities of the member organisations and HAND associated with development financing.  HAND engaged with this topic through its aid monitoring project (AidWatch) ,policy coherence for development and through the work of its umbrella organisation CONCORD

The DemNet Foundation, the National Society of Conservationist and the Protect the Future Organisation work with a lot of similar issues too: 

  • contradiction of trading agreements with developing countries
  • tax avoidance practice in developing countries
  • monitoring of international financial institutions and its projects
  • ethical bank activities etc.

HAND and its member organisations will highlighting these important questions through policy materials, trainings and conferences and will raise awareness among citizens with brochures and interesting programs.

Available civil statements and information related to the topic:

  • CONCORD: DESTINATION ADDIS ABABA. The European Union’s Responsibilities at the Third Financing for Development Conference
  • UN:



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