In recent years we have seen the rise of the anti-liberal democracy politics in Eastern European EU member states. The situation in Poland and Hungary is maybe the best example of such politics where citizens are giving support to political parties whose political objectives are against the  EU rule of law principles. Other Eastern and Central European states are also vulnerable towards these types of attacks. In Croatia, after the recent change of the government we can see the same pattern as in Hungary and Poland – attacks on civil society groups, independent media and the rise of xenophobia. Current refugee crisis has also deepen those concerns. This is a clear sign that the citizens of Eastern European EU member states are willing to give up of some of the fundamental human rights values such as freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, free media, civil society or independent judiciary. Those trends are seriously harming EU rule of law principles.

With this project we want to make the citizens of Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Latvia more dedicated towards the protection of the EU fundamental rule of law principles and the respect of human rights. We want to achieve this by raising the awareness about the impact of anti-liberal actions and policies towards the quality of human lives.

The partners in this project are national development NGO Platforms from Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Latvia. We believe how EU or national development policies cannot be implemented outside the borders of EU if we don’t have strong respect of rule of law and civil society within the EU borders. We, as development organization will lose credibility to work on international arena. This is why we have decided to join the forces and together with our members (in total 123 NGOs ) will through this project work on defence of the liberal democracy concept in eastern European states.




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