Global problems and challenges affectevery country and citizen, because these do not stop at borders. For example when it comes to poverty, climate change or disasters caused by nature or human, it is not solely the issue of poorer countries.

As Hungary is part of the international community and member of UN, OECD and EU, it is not just our moral but legal obligation to support poorer countries and help them in development. It is important because during the acession process of the EU, Hungary has received similar assistance.

HAND and its member organisations have worked together from 2003 in order to achieve that international development cooperation and humanitarian assistance become more effective, recognized and visible. Our goal is that both the Hungarian government and politicians and also Hungarian citizens:

  • realise the weight of their decisions
  • take responsibility to solve and prevent global problems

In order to achieve these goals we do the following activities:

  • help our member organisations to get international resources 
  • organise and ensure trainings and capacity developing possibilities
  • familiarize the sustainability and global education programs of our member organisations with broader public and political stakeholders
  • assist to create multilateral and international cooperation among our member organisations and other foreign organisations
  • popularize the humanitarian and development work on our webpage, in our programs and in our studies
  • create campaigns to intensify the effectiveness of development in poor countries and to popularize voluntary work
  • ensure the transparency and monitoring of governmental money related to development
  • do development policy activities and lobby towards the government and decision-makers both in Hungary and the EU




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