DEEEP - Global Education

DEEEP4 Sub-Granting for Capacity Development

The Global Education Working Group of HAND

The Global Education Working Group of HAND was established in 2007 and its aim is to ensure that activities aimed at strengthening global responsibility and solidarity are integrated in the formal and non-formal education. As one of the core activities of the working group is advocating for a national GE Strategy.

In February 2014, the HAND Global Education working group initiated a process of dialogue and wider consultation with educational CSOs (called Global Learning Forum) involved in environmental education, human rights education, peace education etc. These sectors conventionally do not identify themselves with the development education/GE sector, even though many of their core values are common (solidarity, sustainability, inclusion etc.). For this reason, there is a lack of common understanding and concerted action, moreover, civil lobby efforts are fragmented and ineffective.

Within the current project „DEEEP4 Sub-Granting for Capacity Development”, first and foremost, we would like to build upon the initiated process, strengthen the intersectorial consultation, and open it up to CSOs from the countryside through the use of new technologies.

Main aims:

  • building an intersectorial alliance of educational CSOs with a critical reflection on their educational paradigms and capable of taking combined action
  • increase the ownership of key government actors (MFA, MoHR) with regards to GE

Target groups:

  • educational CSOs inside and outside of the GE sector
  • decision and policy makers: governmental actors: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Ministry of Human Resources (MoHR, responsible for education)
  • educational stakeholders:
  • private sector actors

Learning objectives

  • deepening the knowledge generated among the stakeholders of the importance of global education and strengthening the collective responsibility and responsiveness to social challenges globally
  • explaining the connection between the target group and their action, and the impact of their actions on the broader society
  • create awareness of influential actors about their own impact on the global/country scale, and involve them

Expected outcomes:

  • new civil actors will be reached, and there will be a continuous and structured dialogue among CSOs as part of the official debate on global learning
  • government actors will take genuine ownership of GE and use critical and transformational approaches

Our publication that was created in the frame of this project can be reached here in Hungarian language: Global education in Hungary

Global education short films (in Hungarian):

Attila Galambos - A lot of people arguing intensively about something

Attila Varga - Learning from each other

Csilla Mihalicz - We need to put down the European filter

Márton Juhász - The knowledge is common, open

Tímea Huber - This is about real, interpersonal relationships

The DEEEP online library is available here.





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