European Year for Development


“Our world, our dignity, our future”

2015 is the European Year for Development in the EU. The goal of the EU and its member states is to inform citizens with the aim to know more about our global challenges and activities focused on the fight against these problems.

What kind of global challenges we talk about?

  • necessity of decreasing global poverty
  • cutting down the effect of climate change
  • greater protect for natural resources
  • terminate gender equality
  • secure human rights for everyone

and some other problems what needs to solve because without these sustainable development can not be achieved. Sustainable development must assure a world without troubles for the next generations.

The other goal is to make clear, that global problems do not stop at national boarders but are also present at local level too. This is why the establishment of individual responsibility is so important in order to achieve main goals.

During the year there will be numerous program series where the organisers try to call attention for these problems and these efforts.

Hungary as a member of EU also participates in this thematic year. The government, the civil and academic sphere is organising programs in order to call Hungarian citizens’ attention for the above mentioned problems and for human made and natural disasters.

HAND Association will carry out a coherent campaign with the help of communication experts and project managers with its member organisations during the year. There are more information about it at the Project headline.

The program series follows the EU determined thematic years, so every months in 2015 will have a special topic, for example: education, health, humanitarian assistance, human rights etc.



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