Financial report 2017

Modeme info sheet

Annual report 2014

Annual report 2015

law on international development cooperation and international humanitarian assistance - Hungary

Policy Coherence for development in eastern parnership countries - case studies


European Neighbourhood Policy Review 2015 (Policy Digest)

Health infographic (official EYD campaign material)

Women and girls infographic (official EYD campaign material)

Education infographic (official EYD campaign material)

April - The month of health (offical EYD campaign material)

March- The month of women and girls (offical EYD campaign material)

February - The month of education (offical EYD campaign material)

Why Financing for Development Matters: Stepping Stones for SDG Implementation (Policy Digest)

Annual report 2013

The allocation of EU’s money is unfair in the development sector

Official letter to Neven Mimica related to the problems and availabilty of DEAR calls

Latvian Presidency Priorities for Development Cooperation - TRIALOG Policy Digest

European Year for Development 2015 - TRIALOG Policy Digest

The Road to Dignity by 2030: Ending Poverty, Transforming All Lives and Protecting the Planet (Synthesis Report of the Secretary

Trialog in the enlarged EU - 15 years supporting civil society to engage in development

Aidwatch report 2011 (HU)

Annual report 2009

Beyond 2015 RED FLAGS for the post-2015 negotiations (main messages)

Aidwatch Report 2014 - Aid beyond 2015 (CONCORD-EU)

Europe's Eastern Neighbours – Where do they fit in? (Policy Digest)

Private Sector in Development (Policy Digest)

Post‐2015 Development Framework (Policy Digest)

Multiannual Financial Framework (Policy Digest)

Development Effectiveness & the Role of Civil Society Organisations (Policy Digest)

Lithuanian Presidency Priorities for Development Cooperation (Policy Digest)

Food Security (Policy Digest)

Eastern Partnership and Development Cooperation (Policy Digest)

The Role of Citizens in Development (Policy Digest)

Securing Business’ Accountability

A Human Rights-Based Post 2015 Framework

Interview with H. E. Csaba Kőrösi co-chair of the UN Open Working Group Ambassador – Permanent Mission of Hungary to the United

Myles Stiffler: The Private Sector...the Missing Link for Development?

Policy Coherence for Development A view from Civil Society - EU level -

Policy Digest on Migration and Development

Campaign updates from the Beyond 2015 structures

Beyond 2015 Values and Targets for the post-­2015 framework

Myles Stiffler: The Private Sector For Development (HAND PCD workshop presentation)

Attila Bartha: Illicit financial flows and policy coherence – the Hungarian case (HAND PCD wokshop presentation)

Introduction to the concept of PCD – EU and OECD perspective (HAND PCD workshop presentation)

The Governments 1182/2014. (III. 27.) Gov. Degree regarding Hungary’s International Development Cooperation policy strategy

Beyond2015 BRIEF_HU

A New European Parliament for a Fairer World - Policy Digest

Annual report 2012.

CEU-CPS research

Annual report 2011.

Annual report 2010.

Annual report 2009

Realizing the Future We Want for All (UN report)

Towards a post-2015 development framework (EU document)

Aid we can - invest more global development - Concord AidWatch Report 2012

Outcome of the Rio+20 conference (UN 2012)



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