Hungary's accession to the European Union and OECD membership have highlighted the urgency in developing the institutions for structures and mechanisms of an effective international development co-operation policy. While the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has won Cabinet approval for a concept paper to develop an ODA mechanism, Hungarian NGOs working abroad on humanitarian and development issues have recognised the need for setting up a Hungarian NGDO Association.

Since September 2002 CIDA-ODACE has been supporting and assisting the consolidation of a representative body for Hungarian NGDOs. From December 2002 several NGOs met regularly as an informal association and worked together on issues of common interest. They finally signed an MOU confirming their commitment to cooperate within the Hungarian NGDO Association. The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Hungarian Interchurch Aid played a considerable role in initiating and supporting the setting up of the Association. HIA and other NGOs laid the groundwork for mapping the interested NGDOs, for assessing the different approaches of the organisations and for shaping the various views into an agreement on the future work of the platform.

The initially informally established Association focused on conceptual issues, such as the definition of the Association's basic principles, the ethical charter, the articulation of a representative strategy for the sector, details regarding the Association's functioning etc.

The Founding Assembly of the Platform was held in Budapest on the 24th of June 2003. The Assembly has unanimously accepted the Statute and elected for a one year periode the members of the Board and the Chairman. The Association was established by 12 ordinary members and 5 observers who have clearly defined a membership fee system. It is well in proportion to their budget. The Association was legally registered on the 7th November 2003. Since November 2003 the number of member organisations has increased to 20.

According to the Statutes of the Platform it operates in the form of an association and is open at any time to all civil organisations and foundations fulfilling certain well-defined conditions.



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